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Medical facility

Laser treatment equipment

CO2 laser

The 10,600 nm (10.6 μm) CO2 laser that is absorbed by water is a laser treatment device that can perform hemostasis, coagulation, and incision of skin and soft tissue.
It is mainly used in the treatment of acne vulgaris with hemorrhage during treatment, in transpiration of seborrheic keratosis scattered locally, and in the removal of raised hokuro.

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(All without tax)

 Less than 5 mm ¥10,000  Second~ ¥8,000
 5 mm or more ¥12,000  Second~ ¥10,000
Q switch ruby laser

It is designed to be able to irradiate very high peak power stably.
Powerful energy travels deep into the skin and is highly responsive to deep pigmented diseases.

<Adaptive disease>

【Own cost】 Superficial pigmented spots(Stain・Buckwheat)、Tattoo removal
【Insurance adaptation】 Deep pigmented spots(Ota nevus, ectopic mongolas, traumatic pigmentation, flat nevus, dermal melanocytosis)

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Stain・Buckwheat(All without tax)

 Less than 1 cm ¥5,000
 1 cm or more and less than 2 cm ¥10,000
 2 cm or more and less than 3 cm ¥15,000

※More than 3cm is +¥5,000 per 1cm

Tattoo removal(All without tax)

 Less than 1 cm ¥10,000
 1 cm or more and less than 2 cm ¥20,000
 2 cm or more and less than 3 cm ¥30,000

Armpit sweat treatment device "miraDry" that does not cut

■Current status of hyperhidrosis in Japan

According to the national epidemiological survey, the prevalence rate of primary focal hyperhidrosis is 12.8% and 5.8% in axilla, and it is estimated that there are 5319.000 people with axillary hyperhidrosis in Japan.

However, the frequency of visits to medical institutions for patients with primary local hyperhidrosis is only 6.2%, and the proportion of patients treated at medical institutions tends to be as low as 10% or less.

In addition, although I feel that there are serious problems in daily life, many patients have “use of commercial products” or “do nothing” for hyperhidrosis, which is effective for hyperhidrosis. It can be said that the establishment of treatment and effective treatment are required.

■Primary treatment for hyperhidrosis

Surgical treatment of sweat glands is a treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis / odorosis. In order to remove the sweat gland itself, while effective, compression fixation of the affected area, hospital visit and hospitalization are required, and it may cause trouble for daily life for patients.

Although there is intradermal injection of botulinum toxin type A as a non-invasive axillary hyperhidrosis treatment, the effect lasts for about 4 to 9 months, and regular treatment is necessary to obtain a sustained effect. Economic burden will increase if considered from a long-term perspective

Anticholinergics, topical aluminum chloride, and iontophoresis are relatively easy and less expensive treatments for axillary hyperhidrosis than surgical sweat gland removal and intradermal injection.

Treatment needs to be done daily, or several times a week, and sweating returns to its pre-treatment state when treatment is discontinued.

In addition, botulinum toxin type A intradermal injection, anticholinergic medication, aluminum chloride external use, and iontophoresis can not be expected to have a great effect on malodor.

■"MiraDryⓇ" which has obtained domestic pharmaceutical approval as a treatment for treating perspiration.

"MiraDryⓇ" has received regulatory approval as the only * microwave waki sweat treatment device in Japan. ※ As of June 2018

■"MiraDryⓇ" Q&A

Q. Is there an effect?

A. A medical evidence-based mechanism has confirmed the reduction of sweating and has obtained domestic and FDA approval.
※There are individual differences in how the effects appear.

Q. Does the smell also decrease?

A. By reducing the amount of sweat, you can also expect a sweat odor reduction effect.
※There are individual differences in how the effects appear.

Q. What is the judgment of adaptation?

A. HDSS, which determines the severity of hyperhidrosis based on the patient's symptoms, is commonly used.

Q. Is it safe?

A. There are no reports of serious adverse events. The risk of hematoma and post-operative problems are small, and the impact of downtime on daily life is minor.

Q. When do you feel the effect?

A. Immediately after treatment. Since the sweat gland is cauterized and coagulated, long-term antiperspirant effects can be expected.
※There are individual differences in how effects appear and duration.

Q. Is it effective at one time?

A. Most people will receive one treatment, but if necessary, the doctor will decide if there is a period of 3 months or more before the next treatment. Some patients have realized the effects of the first treatment and received the second.
※There are individual differences in how the effects appear.


(All without tax)

 ・Once ¥270,000
(Second time 170,000円)
 ・2 times irradiation set ¥400,000
(If the effect is not enough after one irradiation, the second set of irradiation is also included.)